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February 16th 2023 - Will Lawton

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Notoriously hard to pigeon-hole, Will Lawton's music crosses a myriad of genres including singer-songwriter, acoustic, jazz, progressive rock, folk and electronic. He is involved in various collaborations with similarly restless creatives including Argentinian guitarist Ludwig Mack, the soulful Katey Brooks and with his band, Will Lawton and the Alchemists.


“Melodic and inventive…..a truly breath-taking performance” Slap magazine

“Beautiful. Just beautiful.” BBC Radio Wiltshire

“The music is a gloriously unique and brilliantly exploratory” Greenman Publications

“Get your ears around some wonderful Americana” BBC Introducing

“Refreshing, fascinating and exciting. Perhaps this is what Tom O’Dell fronting Wilco would sound like if produced by Roni Size? Regardless of how chaotic this sounds, it works. I mean it really works.” The Ocelot Magazine

“Will Lawton weaves a tapestry of live piano with a voice that speaks of love and loss, truth and lies, the whole spectrum of this painful, yet magical existence we call life.” Ton Boon Dharma

Support to be announced

Doors open at 7.30pm with entertainment starting at around 8pm.